Psychodynamic Dialogues in English - Bratislava / Prague

Andrea Platznerová, M.D., Psychiatrist

• Born 1971
• Graduated from Medical Faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava
• Finished her specialty training in psychiatry (valid through EU) in Prague
• Worked as a psychiatrist with special interest in psychotherapy in the Psychiatric Hospital in Brno and on the Psychiatric Clinic of the University Hospital in Brno (lastly as head physician of the Crisis Center)
• Interpreted from/to English a 3-year, self experience training in Rogerian psychotherapy
• Is a trainee of a psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapy training (Rafael Institute, Prague)
• Lectures on psychiatry and psychology topics
• Wrote a book on self-harm 
• Publishes articles on psychiatric topics for teachers and health practitioners
• Writes her regular column on psychology and health issues for the magazine
 Imperial LIFE and

• Fluent in English, German, Russian and Hungarian, translates nonfiction literature

Offered services

Harmonious personality, ability to enjoy and find reasons for joy, composedness, resilience towards traumatic life events, satisfaction with themselves and significant others, openness to challenges brought by life, ability to be a loving and beloved partner, parent, child or friend, ability to achieve one´s goals and fulfill one´s dreams in an easy and natural way - that is it, what people call "happiness".

Long-lasting personal or career problems and relationship issues as well as sudden crisis situations lead to feelings of anxiety, depression, failure and discontent and more than the life´s difficulties themselves inhibit our personal development, fulfillment of our being, stay in the way of our "happiness".

I offer qualified help to those, who got stuck and wish to find a way out, those for whom personal harmony and harmony of their families and working places is important, those who wish to cultivate their personalities.

I will help you manage

• anxiety

• depressive moods and thoughts

• eating disorders

• sleeping disorders

• teenage problems

• self-destructive tendencies

• problems, associated with personality disorders

• sudden losses and unexpected stressful situations

• communication problems

• school and career problems

• feelings of failure and inferiority

• psychically determined bodily problems

I offer

• psychic support

• nonjudgmental active listening

• individualized approach

• cooperative search for meanings and reasons of problems

• creating space and time for life changes

• cooperation at finding your own creative and effective solutions

• crisis intervention

• confidentiality ensured by professional secrecy

I see problems and consequent psychical symptoms as crossroads, as challenges, as calls for change. It will be a honour and a joy for me to take part in finding your further way on your path towards a harmonious life.


individual session

50 € / 50 min

pair session, family session

60 €/ 2 persons / 50 min

group session (3 to 10 clients)

20 € / 1 person / 50 min

extra charge for emergent counseling

(within 5 hours)

20 € / 50 min

extra charge for session

in English, German or Russian

20 € / 50 min

extra charge for session

between 4 p.m. and 8 p.m.and weekend

10 € /50 min

Terms and conditions

• frequency of sessions according to agreement, usually once a week

• appointment scheduling via phone, sms or email

• scheduled appointment is mandatory for both sides, 24 hour notice is required for any session missed for any reason, session missed without prior notification will be charged at the next session

• a session lasts usually 50 minutes

• services are not covered by health insurance

• paying cash after each session

• reduction of price possible for students and in case of long-term counseling

• anonymous sessions possible

• sessions possible online